Survivors by K’Anne Meinel

Synopsis: For some, the world would end with the dropping of the bombs. For others, a select few, it would present an opportunity to show their true mettle. Those who will take on the challenge to live without, make do, and subsist on, are the survivors.
Jodi was one of the few. She knew what was coming. She read the signs, and she had friends in low places who kept her informed. She bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere, fixed it up, and warned her closest friends and family that the time would come to abandon the big cities, to hide and seclude yourself for the safety of your family and everyone closest to you.
Krista was her partner, her best friend, and her wife at a time when states didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Krista coped with her mate’s compulsions by recognizing that indulging her was the best way to maintain a harmonious union. After all, they could afford it. Little did she realize that Jodi was destined to be the savior of them all.
Finding that things were much worse than everyone had speculated didn’t surprise Jodi. But it would forever alter her family’s world view and transform them into something they hadn’t realized they were destined to become…SURVIVORS!



This book takes you to a situation where you hope you will never go…..and yet there is so much in the story that resonates with today’s society that it’s scarily real, I can only hope that we truly never get to this reality…..and then I read the latest news reports and feel my heart sink and wish I had someone on the inside telling me when to start preparations that could save my family just like Jodi, oh and the money of course.

The storyline is good, as I said too realistic in some ways but there are also some great subplots that will have you siding with certain characters without you even realising it and if your anything like me, others you would happily like to grab and shake or slap!

Yes the initial characters are lesbians but its not a romance and there are no real sex scenes which makes it a great buy for relatives regardless of their sexual orientation.  This is a story with a dramatic storyline, plots twists and well-developed characters that you will either love or hate, plenty of surprises and shocks along the way.

There were a couple of surprises that left me wanting to yell at the author, but you’ll need to read it for yourself to see why!

I would give the book a 5 out of 5 but I felt that the ending could have gone on for maybe another chapter or so to look at the ‘after’ effects and how the new additions would impact on life but perhaps i’m being harsh and the author has a 2nd book in mind.

Totally worth reading, buying for yourself and others, go on read it, you know you want to.




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Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel

51kQPoZ8c9LSynopsis:   While hiking the mountains and deserts of Arizona with her best friend, D.O.G., Ryley Graham hears a whirring noise. Thinking D.O.G. has cornered a rattlesnake, she rushes to protect him and is blinded by a light seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.
Waking up 510 years later, she is confused by the unfamiliar machinery and ‘people’ that surround her. Skeptical when she is informed she is aboard a spaceship that explores wormholes, it takes a great deal of effort to finally convince Ryley she isn’t in a government-owned facility and part of some huge experiment or conspiracy.
Adjusting to the odd life forms that coexist on the ship, Ryley begins to accept that she can never go back to Earth 2015, and she and she begins to contribute her own unique knowledge and skills to their survival. As Ryley makes new friends, one of them begins to stand out… 

Mercédès is a woman…half human and half android. She is struggling to understand her human side and the odd feelings she is developing for this Earthwoman. 
Learning about love, and learning to love will be huge challenges as Ryley and Mercédès begin to forge a future. What impact will it have when they discover the real reason Ryley was taken in the first place?

Sapphic review: Not the usual genre for the Author but hopefully we’ll see K’Anne Meinel writing more sci-fi books in the future.  If you have read the synopsis and thought it sounds like Star Trek Voyager I can assure that the synopsis is about all that is similar to the TV series. Give the book a fair chance and you will see that it is very different.
It’s not your simple alien meets human and falls in love type sci-fi book either.


As with all K’Anne Meinel’s books the characters are interesting, lively and as you read you become drawn into their lives and by the end of the book feel like you are firm friends.
Some might call me a bit of a sci-fi nerd and maybe that is true, but I really enjoyed the way this book combined the sci-fi aspect with a lesbian love interest, not something you see often. I read this book in the one sitting as it captured my interest and there was no putting it down until I had finished the book!
Once you get past the initial thoughts that pass through your mind regarding how similar you think this book might be, you will discover an interesting, funny in spots, intriguing, well-written, storyline with developed and well-rounded characters. I’m hoping that there might be a second book to this story or perhaps this could be the start of a series……
If you enjoy sci-fi yourself or know someone else who does I highly recommend you buy this book. It Will make a great gift for yourself or others.


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Lee Shores, Black Flag series book 2, by Rachel Ford.



Sometimes still waters are the most dangerous.

Murder turns a quiet month of shore leave into a nightmare for Chief Engineer Kay Ellis and Captain Magdalene Landon of the Black Flag. When a member of their crew is implicated in the killing of a young woman, the privateers find themselves pawns in an interplanetary diplomatic struggle that predates any of them.

With little evidence to support their claims of innocence, an alien government eager to make examples of the human visitors, and the eyes of two superpowers watching their every move, every passing day brings them closer to ruin.

If they don’t find the real killer soon, they’ll swing for a crime they didn’t commit. And the Union will be hung out to dry with them.

Sapphic review :

I was asked to review this book in exchange for a copy of the book. I hadn’t heard of this author before so was intrigued. Given my interest in lesbian sci-fi books, I was happy to give her books a go. I’m very glad I did!!

This is the second book in the Black Flag series, although it can be read as a stand-alone I suggest you read the entire series, just because they are well worth the read. As soon as I had read this one I went back and read book 1.

I love the way in which the characters develop in this book, there is a complexity to them that you find out about with each twist and turn of the story. As the story unfolds there are so many unexpected plot twists that keep you hooked right until the very end.

I’m excited to see that book 3 is due out in September!!

If you enjoy sci-fi then this is a series not to miss!

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Muses by Elizabeth Andre

51pvsvNglNLSynopsis: A lesbian ghost with a broken heart. Sisters who never want her reunited with her lost love. A binding spell that must be broken.
After a Halloween party ends with an untimely death, paranormal investigators Maya and Julie are called in to check out ghostly happenings at a house built by a patent medicine magnate at the turn of the 20th century. The magnate’s daughters lived in the house their whole lives and never left, even after death. Now, they’re angry and taking it out on anyone who enters the house. Maya and Julie have to figure out why and reignite a love that was always meant to be.
Or the sisters’ torment will never end. 



Sapphic review:

I was given this book free in exchange for an honest review.

I hadn’t read any of Elizabeth Andre’s books before so this was a new author for me. Having read the second book in this series I will now be buying the first book as I enjoyed this book immensely.

If you enjoy books about the paranormal then this book is definitely for you.

I loved that this book not only dealt with the paranormal but also delved into a time where being gay was not only disapproved of but also very much hidden.

The characters are well written and I found myself hoping that Maya and Lily would be able to explore a relationship if they survived the spirits that haunted the house…..

As a firm believer in the paranormal, it was interesting to see how the story developed and how much of it I could relate back to my own experiences and those of close friends who are gifted enough to be able to see and communicate with spirits.

I really did enjoy this book and will be looking for more from this author starting with book 1 in this series.

Well worth the read if you have any interest in the paranormal or just enjoy a good story with twists and turns you won’t see coming.

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Lesbian Romance Mythology Series: Book 1-3 by Natasja Hellenthal

Synopsis: They cover lesser known myths from all around the world, retelling and reshaping them, and giving them lesbian twists. Collect them all!

51L8PL6lQxLBOOK 1: THE CURSED – Fionnuala and her brothers lead a magical life in the Tuatha kingdom of Lir in ancient Ireland. When their mother dies their world is turned upside down. When beautiful Aoife arrives to heal Fionnuala’s youngest brother the two women fall for each other. Yet, somehow it is her father Aoife chooses to marry . . .
Will the two women find a way to be together, despite the terrible curse cast, or is a jealous king going to stop them?

BOOK 2: THE TAKEN – When beautiful but lonely Iras of the Bear tribe sees a bright star in the night sky she soon disappears without a trail. Aponi, a Pawnee outcast hears about Iras’ mysterious vanishing and decides to start an investigation of her own. Will Aponi succeed to rescue Iras? Moreover, can she trick the mysterious Starman who holds Iras captive? Based on a Native American Tsimshian myth.

 – Xian became immortal overnight after having mistakenly drunken an Elixir of Life, in ancient China. But it is the last thing she could have wished for! One day she receives an optimistic clue: The Eight Immortals are about to gather to celebrate the Queen Mother’s birthday on Mount Kunlun. There, they will feast on the magical peaches which ripen every 3000 years so that they, once again, can extend their longevity. Will one of them know of a way to end her immortality or will she have to live on until eternity with her painful memories?

Sapphic review: This book was given to me free in exchange for an honest review.

Book 1- The cursed

When I started reading the book I realised I had actually read the first book ‘The cursed’ previously and had enjoyed it although I had felt slightly uncomfortable with a myth from my Celtic background being altered to have a lesbian storyline. Having said that the storyline itself is well written and if it wasn’t for the fact that I knew the myth previously and it hit a personal nerve I would have nothing but praise for the book.

Putting my personal beliefs aside I can say that this book is well written, well researched and I enjoyed reading it. If you don’t know anything of the Tuatha De Danann then this story goes a fair way to introducing you to their rich mythology. The author has a great way of bringing the characters to life.

Book 2-  The Taken

This was a myth I knew nothing about but by the end of the story, I found myself wanting to know more about the mythology that surrounds the native American tribes. I found it all so fascinating and spiritual in many ways. Obviously, the tale has been altered to include a lesbian love story but it flows so well you’d never know. This one story has opened up an interest in the mythology of another culture that I may never have looked into. As a purely fictional piece of work, it’s a great read and I will be looking for more books by this author.

Book 3- The Immortal

Again a myth I knew nothing about but thoroughly enjoyed reading. It’s hard not to lose yourself in the storyline. Definitely an enjoyable read.

All up I really enjoyed this book and am hoping that there may be more books in the series to come. I’m now off to read more books by this author having had a small taste of her writing.



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Flight by K’Anne Meinel



A tragic explosion results in the death of over 200 airplane passengers. Was the explosion caused by pilot error, or was it a conspiracy?

Pilot Cathalene (Lena) Penn, accused by the airline of being a smuggler, died in the tragedy, and her wife, Jessica is desperate to clear Lena’s good name.

When Jessica travels to Belgium, her wife’s home away from home, she discovers diamonds, a second family, and a mystery…

Sometimes, choosing between what is safe and what is right isn’t easy, and running away is always an option…Flight!

Sapphic review: 

If you have ever read books by K’Anne Meinel you will know that her characters are always well defined with twists and turns that leave you either loving them or hating them, or in some cases changing your mind part way through the book as something dramatic happens and a different side to them emerges, K’Anne never leaves you feeling like the characters are one dimensional that’s for sure.

This book has you wondering who is the villain in the storyline, was it a simple plane crash or something more? How far does love get you when one partner dies in unusual circumstances? How far will your morals allow you to go in order to find out the truth about the person you loved and would you keep any of the ill-gotten gains to support your family?

There is mystery galore, intrigue and plenty of twists to the plot of this book, you won’t regret picking this book up!!

If you love this book as I did then you should also check out K’Anne Meinel’s ‘Survivors’, ‘Doctored’, ‘Inn the Dog House’ and ‘Lawyered’ to name just a few of her books.

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Lady Blue by Prudence Macleod


Both men tried to shoot her then, and the two women were stunned at the speed with which she moved. Penny charged straight at the gunmen then dove under their fire. Spinning on her back she kicked the legs from under one man, and as he fell, she kicked the gun from the other man’s hand. Spinning back to the first man she saw the gun barrel moving toward her, and she lashed out with her foot. Her boot crushed his skull and she rolled to her feet to grab the last man in a neck lock. A quick twist and he lay lifeless in her arms. She let him fall, as, breathing deeply, she came down off combat mode. “Are you ladies all right?” she asked as she untied the ropes that held the older woman. “Who are you?” asked the old woman fearfully, as she pulled the tape from her mouth. “They call me Lady Blue,” smiled Penny as she helped the woman to stand. “What are you?” It was the younger woman who spoke. “Cold, hungry, dead tired, and covered in blue war paint,” giggled Penny as she released the older woman’s arm. She turned and began to search the bodies.

51bvGyU-LRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Sapphic review: The first book in a series that you will get addicted to!

How does a long-forgotten Goddess and an abused/bullied teenager join forces to right the wrongdoings of the world? Well, you’ll need to read the book and I promise you that you will be hooked. 

The journey that Penny takes from ‘Pee-Pee’ to ‘Lady Blue’ is quite a trip. There are terrible things humans will do to each other but together Lady Blue and Goddess Moragah set out to bring some justice back into the world in the way of the Warriors of old.

Prudence Macleod has a great way of writing, she draws you in. Her characters are well developed and the storyline leaves you wanting more, which in this case I’m happy to say Prudences satisfies with a series of books.

Follow the storyline by reading the full ‘Children of the Goddess‘ series :

Book 1: Lady Blue

Book 2: Lady Justice

Book 3: Lady Shadow

Book 4: Lady Seeker

Book 5: Watcher and the Warrior

Book 6: Fallen Angel

Book 7: Shadow Ascending




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Winners — Lesfic Bard Awards News

The 2018 Lesfic Bard Awards’ winners and finalists were chosen by a volunteer group of literary professionals, who spent countless hours reading submissions from publishers and independents. Today, we’re excited to announce the winners in our various categories. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Drama – The winner is: Pat Adams-Wright for the book The Harbinger Synopsis: Ellie Hanray, interior designer, and an […]

via Winners — Lesfic Bard Awards News


Congrats to the finalists must be great books to make the cut!

Lesfic Bard Awards News

Silver Finalist 3.43x1.93

The 2018 Lesfic Bard Awards’ winners and finalists were chosen by a volunteer group of literary professionals, who spent countless hours reading submissions from publishers and independents.  Today, we’re excited to announce the finalists in our various categories.


The Power to Choose

DramaAnd the Finalist is: Sarah Libero for the book The Power to Choose

     Synopsis: Lisa Owens has recently moved to the lakeside town of Winchester, Maine. When the situation at her new job becomes uncomfortable, she turns to Carrie Sawyer, owner of the local café, for support. Carrie grew up in Winchester and seems to know everything about everyone there.

Lisa soon discovers that her boss seems to have many secrets, and with Carrie’s help, begins to dig deeper into her boss’s activity. As the two women work together to expose a cover-up, their attraction to each other begins to grow.

But Carrie is certain that Lisa doesn’t feel…

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