Survivors by K’Anne Meinel

Synopsis: For some, the world would end with the dropping of the bombs. For others, a select few, it would present an opportunity to show their true mettle. Those who will take on the challenge to live without, make do, and subsist on, are the survivors.
Jodi was one of the few. She knew what was coming. She read the signs, and she had friends in low places who kept her informed. She bought a cabin in the middle of nowhere, fixed it up, and warned her closest friends and family that the time would come to abandon the big cities, to hide and seclude yourself for the safety of your family and everyone closest to you.
Krista was her partner, her best friend, and her wife at a time when states didn’t recognize same-sex marriage. Krista coped with her mate’s compulsions by recognizing that indulging her was the best way to maintain a harmonious union. After all, they could afford it. Little did she realize that Jodi was destined to be the savior of them all.
Finding that things were much worse than everyone had speculated didn’t surprise Jodi. But it would forever alter her family’s world view and transform them into something they hadn’t realized they were destined to become…SURVIVORS!



This book takes you to a situation where you hope you will never go…..and yet there is so much in the story that resonates with today’s society that it’s scarily real, I can only hope that we truly never get to this reality…..and then I read the latest news reports and feel my heart sink and wish I had someone on the inside telling me when to start preparations that could save my family just like Jodi, oh and the money of course.

The storyline is good, as I said too realistic in some ways but there are also some great subplots that will have you siding with certain characters without you even realising it and if your anything like me, others you would happily like to grab and shake or slap!

Yes the initial characters are lesbians but its not a romance and there are no real sex scenes which makes it a great buy for relatives regardless of their sexual orientation.  This is a story with a dramatic storyline, plots twists and well-developed characters that you will either love or hate, plenty of surprises and shocks along the way.

There were a couple of surprises that left me wanting to yell at the author, but you’ll need to read it for yourself to see why!

I would give the book a 5 out of 5 but I felt that the ending could have gone on for maybe another chapter or so to look at the ‘after’ effects and how the new additions would impact on life but perhaps i’m being harsh and the author has a 2nd book in mind.

Totally worth reading, buying for yourself and others, go on read it, you know you want to.




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Recombinant Love by K’Anne Meinel

51kQPoZ8c9LSynopsis:   While hiking the mountains and deserts of Arizona with her best friend, D.O.G., Ryley Graham hears a whirring noise. Thinking D.O.G. has cornered a rattlesnake, she rushes to protect him and is blinded by a light seemingly coming from nowhere and everywhere simultaneously.
Waking up 510 years later, she is confused by the unfamiliar machinery and ‘people’ that surround her. Skeptical when she is informed she is aboard a spaceship that explores wormholes, it takes a great deal of effort to finally convince Ryley she isn’t in a government-owned facility and part of some huge experiment or conspiracy.
Adjusting to the odd life forms that coexist on the ship, Ryley begins to accept that she can never go back to Earth 2015, and she and she begins to contribute her own unique knowledge and skills to their survival. As Ryley makes new friends, one of them begins to stand out… 

Mercédès is a woman…half human and half android. She is struggling to understand her human side and the odd feelings she is developing for this Earthwoman. 
Learning about love, and learning to love will be huge challenges as Ryley and Mercédès begin to forge a future. What impact will it have when they discover the real reason Ryley was taken in the first place?

Sapphic review: Not the usual genre for the Author but hopefully we’ll see K’Anne Meinel writing more sci-fi books in the future.  If you have read the synopsis and thought it sounds like Star Trek Voyager I can assure that the synopsis is about all that is similar to the TV series. Give the book a fair chance and you will see that it is very different.
It’s not your simple alien meets human and falls in love type sci-fi book either.


As with all K’Anne Meinel’s books the characters are interesting, lively and as you read you become drawn into their lives and by the end of the book feel like you are firm friends.
Some might call me a bit of a sci-fi nerd and maybe that is true, but I really enjoyed the way this book combined the sci-fi aspect with a lesbian love interest, not something you see often. I read this book in the one sitting as it captured my interest and there was no putting it down until I had finished the book!
Once you get past the initial thoughts that pass through your mind regarding how similar you think this book might be, you will discover an interesting, funny in spots, intriguing, well-written, storyline with developed and well-rounded characters. I’m hoping that there might be a second book to this story or perhaps this could be the start of a series……
If you enjoy sci-fi yourself or know someone else who does I highly recommend you buy this book. It Will make a great gift for yourself or others.


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Vetted Again by K’Anne Meinel

vetted againSynopsis:

Allyssa Herriot and her wife Fiona, are experiencing growing pains in this marriage of theirs. From the large animal practice they established on their ranch, to the horse rescue, to their growing family…all will put strains on the marriage as well as themselves physically, emotionally, and economically. Add in outside influences like the well-meaning friends, family, and volunteers and these things can add to the stress.
Trying to make a living on the remote ranch is hard enough, but in this modern day and age keeping up on the latest technology and ideas can motivate some and keep others from venturing outside of their comfortable little nest.
Will Allyssa and Fiona rise above the problems or fail not only at their marriage but at the businesses they have established together?
Join the continuing saga, a ranch, a rescue, a thriving veterinary practice and their lives as they juggle the things they are building together for themselves and their family.


Sapphic review:

If you got to the end of Vetted and wanted to scream at K’Anne Meinel for leaving the story hanging where she did then this book will not disappoint you! There are plenty of plot twists still to come and lots of unexpected intrigue and suspense to make up for the end of the previous book!! As much as I enjoyed the previous 4 books in this series I think this one is probably my favourite. I loved being able to watch on as the characters developed and grew over the life of these books and none so much as in this one. Their family truly comes together in this final instalment and their future together solidifies. I also found myself close to tears reading this book, there are sections where I yelled at K’Anne Meinel for doing this to them….How could she? But you’ll need to read the book to find out what got me so upset at the author and ultimately what made me forgive her…..

Definitely a book to buy and a great series to buy as a gift for friends this Christmas.

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Echo (Forgotten Worlds Book 2) by Prudence MacLeod


Echoes from the past ripple through to the present as the last humans search for a new home. A close fly over shows a planet that was colonized once before but had since been abandoned. Who was here and why did they leave? More importantly, what might they have left behind? Despite her misgivings, the Reacher’s captain agrees to investigate further.


Sapphic Review:

If you enjoyed SUVI then you will love this second instalment of the series. Following the lives of the crew onboard the spaceship ‘Reacher’ as they explore the universe for a suitable planet for the colonists to settle on. As with all explorations, there are setbacks, unforeseen situations that arise along with unexpected gains and alliances. This book has it all, not only that but we get a deeper understanding of the characters we were introduced to in SUVI. If you enjoy SciFi, mystery and intrigue then this is definitely the series for you. Very well written and kept me reading continuously until I had the book finished and was left wanting the 3rd book to delve straight into, unfortunately, I have to wait for the 3rd book.

You won’t regret purchasing this book! 


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K'Anne Meinel

Three things, because, according to an awesome friend of mine, things are always better in threes…personally, I think things are better in fives, but then, that’s me, always contrary.  Here is the three:

  1. My birthday is on the 10th.
  2. My 100th published work, Vetted Again, is coming out on the 10th.
  3. My giveaway for 100 books to those who signed up starts on the 10th.

I am the youngest in my family, the fifth child.  All my life, things divisible by five have been ‘lucky’ for me.  So, on the 10th (two times five), when my 100th (twenty times five) published work comes out, help support it!

Enter the contest here, you can do it daily: a Rafflecopter giveaway.  Earn points to win book(s), you can win more than one.
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100 books giveaway for my 100th published work

K'Anne Meinel

a Rafflecopter giveaway

November 10, 2018 is my birthday…it’s also my 100th published work release with Vetted Again coming to bookshelves near you!   In celebration, I’m giving gifts to YOU my dedicated followers/readers/fans!  I’m giving away 100 of my published works (reader’s choice) and all you have to do is enter, daily, between now and then.  You get points by entering the Rafflecopter which should keep track of it for both of us…those with the most points,  are most likely to win the 10 books I’m giving away, per day, starting November 10.  You can enter EVERY SINGLE day and you even get points for SHARING it, so please, tell everyone and enter!

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We The Ones, by Julie Helean


We the Ones follows a young lesbian’s chaotic journey as a member of a quintessentially 80s activist group. Struggling with their own disparate agendas, members of this dysfunctional yet fervent anti-racism cell embark on an earnest quest to disrupt the celebrations planned for the 150-year anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi. As the 150-year anniversary of the Treaty of Waitangi draws near, Charlie – disgruntled with her anti-racism group’s endless meetings, leadership squabbles and debates over rhetoric – joins her Maori flatmate Kat on a reckless journey to sabotage the 1990 Treaty celebrations and the Queen’s visit. With growing disregard to consequences, the pair commits to do whatever it takes to have the Treaty honoured and the Maori flag flying at Waitangi.

Award-winning author Julie Helean brings us an activist group where members are passionate but deeply divided on how to achieve their plans. The story, set in Auckland New Zealand, takes us through the politically charged landscapes of the 1980s – the LGBTI movement, feminism, and Maori rights activism.



Sapphic review:

I read this book as part of a contest as a judge, I admit that it probably isn’t a book I would have chosen to read otherwise. Having said that I found it to be an interesting look into the way in which activist groups work and the conflicts that can occur within them.

I found having some understanding of the Maori rights campaign of the 80’s helped me in understanding the storyline which at times I found a little confusing.

There are quite a few subplots to the main storyline that had me going back and re-reading sections to make sure I was following it all correctly but in general, it was an interesting,  sometimes confusing book, if your interested in reading about feminism, Maori activism and the LGBT movement in New Zealand in the 1980’s then this is the book for you, I struggle at the best of times to follow anything remotely political so i’m probably not the best judge of anything written in this genre but the author of this book does a good job of setting the scene and explaining the culture and atmosphere of the time.



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SUVI by Prudence MacLeod

Synopsis: Enslaved as a child, her DNA altered until she was barely half human, Jeannie Sorenson still managed to engineer her escape back to the ship that brought her to that deadly planet. Could the humans accept her now that she was half alien? Could she learn to interact with them and still retain her freedom? And why the hell did they keep asking her for answers when they didn’t want to hear them?

51iEtvY5VRLSapphic review: This is the start of a new series for Prudence MacLeod that has the potential to rival her extremely addictive Children of the Goddess series.

If you have ever wondered about the nature of humanity, the lengths humans would go to in order to ensure their survival, no matter the costs then this book is for you…..

Can humans and those who have been altered genetically manage to work together to find the truth and trust each other?

I really enjoyed the complexities of this book and look forward to the next in the series.


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Further Into Fire By HollyAnne Weaver


Kathleen Pope, firefighter turned EMT and now flying with the Minnesota Highway Patrol’s Flight Section, and her wife, Belladonna, a businesswoman who moved to St. Paul four years ago. Up until now, the couple had experienced a fairy-tale, whirlwind courtship and a carefree life. All that was about to change.
The helicopter that Kathleen is flying in loses power and hits a power line upon takeoff just after loading an accident victim two hours north of Minneapolis-St. Paul. At the very beginning, Bella is notified that her wife has been in an accident. From the very first page, Bella and Kathleen have to deal with the exposed, cold, raw, and ugly emotions and physical difficulties that are the downside of even the most blessed lives that everyone lives. The processes and heartaches that are involved when going through terrific tragedies of injuries and deaths are not simple and are not something that are navigated in a single instant.
Follow the lives of Kathleen and Bella from the book, “Falling Into Fire” in this exciting and dramatic sequel.

Much like our own lives, we are reminded that nothing is for certain, nothing is written in stone; everything in our lives no matter how perfect it may seem in this moment can change in the blink of an eye.


Sapphic review:

What happens in the instant that you’re told your partner has been involved in an accident and no one can tell you how bad it is??????? What happens next is the story that is told in this book. Follow the ups and downs of the trauma that unfolds after an accident on the scale of a helicopter with your loved one in it crashing, they survive but in what state?

There were plenty of occasions in this book where I simply wanted to reach through the pages and slap one or both of the lead characters and make them see sense! and other times that I actually chuckled out loud at their antics.

I found this to be a well written and often emotionally charged story that had me hooked from the beginning. My wife has a habit of watching my facial expressions as I read ( extremely annoying) and this book had her frequently asking me what I had just read cos I was looking serious….very annoying when you have to keep stopping to try and explain what just happened in the book when you really just want to keep reading!

Really enjoyed this book, it was good to see another book out by HollyAnne Weaver, will be on the lookout for more!


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