Lady Blue by Prudence Macleod


Both men tried to shoot her then, and the two women were stunned at the speed with which she moved. Penny charged straight at the gunmen then dove under their fire. Spinning on her back she kicked the legs from under one man, and as he fell, she kicked the gun from the other man’s hand. Spinning back to the first man she saw the gun barrel moving toward her, and she lashed out with her foot. Her boot crushed his skull and she rolled to her feet to grab the last man in a neck lock. A quick twist and he lay lifeless in her arms. She let him fall, as, breathing deeply, she came down off combat mode. “Are you ladies all right?” she asked as she untied the ropes that held the older woman. “Who are you?” asked the old woman fearfully, as she pulled the tape from her mouth. “They call me Lady Blue,” smiled Penny as she helped the woman to stand. “What are you?” It was the younger woman who spoke. “Cold, hungry, dead tired, and covered in blue war paint,” giggled Penny as she released the older woman’s arm. She turned and began to search the bodies.

51bvGyU-LRL._SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Sapphic review: The first book in a series that you will get addicted to!

How does a long-forgotten Goddess and an abused/bullied teenager join forces to right the wrongdoings of the world? Well, you’ll need to read the book and I promise you that you will be hooked. 

The journey that Penny takes from ‘Pee-Pee’ to ‘Lady Blue’ is quite a trip. There are terrible things humans will do to each other but together Lady Blue and Goddess Moragah set out to bring some justice back into the world in the way of the Warriors of old.

Prudence Macleod has a great way of writing, she draws you in. Her characters are well developed and the storyline leaves you wanting more, which in this case I’m happy to say Prudences satisfies with a series of books.

Follow the storyline by reading the full ‘Children of the Goddess‘ series :

Book 1: Lady Blue

Book 2: Lady Justice

Book 3: Lady Shadow

Book 4: Lady Seeker

Book 5: Watcher and the Warrior

Book 6: Fallen Angel

Book 7: Shadow Ascending




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